Unifying the decentralized ecosystem
Integrating different Web3 components
to create an open and unified environment
Infrastructure alliance
Web3Infra is an organization, formed to bring decentralized technologies into adoption and assist in the realization of its full potential. The alliance brings the most prominent technology startups, corporate organizations, capital institutions and key opinion leaders together to join forces and work towards the goal in unison.
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Unified Decentralized Cloud
Web3Infra integrates different Web3 layer components into one platform to enable seamless and hassle-free decentralized service deployment and management.
Decentralized Service Deployment
Web3Infra is focused on creating user-friendly trustless decentralized infrastructure services - ready to be deployed by any developer in an instance.
KAIZEN - All-in-one decentralized solution platform to seamlessly deploy, run, and manage decentralized applications within provided frameworks.
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Founding members
Learn more about each of the four front runners of Web3Infra
  • Bluzelle
    A decentralized data ecosystem that allows individuals and businesses to have full data control and the ability to monetize that data.
  • NOIA Network
    NOIA - Network Of Internet Acceleration - a distributed content delivery layer (CDN) that utilizes a widely dispersed edge node network in order to increase Internet performance.
  • NKN
    NKN is a new kind of network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by blockchain for an open, decentralized, and shared Internet.
  • Portal Network
    Portal Network aims to build decentralized domain name for the New Internet.
Web3Infra Hackathons
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